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WHO we are

Founded in 2018, Buymed is at the forefront of Healthcare Technology platform development. Our commitment to excellence has led us to establish collaborations with over 1,000 esteemed Pharmaceutical companies. This ensures a consistent and trustworthy supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to more than 35,000 pharmacies across the nation.

Expanding our horizons, our e-commerce platform has successfully entered the CAMBODIA market through and recently ventured into Thailand in 2023. As we forge ahead, we plan to extend our presence to other Southeast Asian countries in the near future.

Why You'll Love Working At Buymed

Abundance of Growth

Explore diverse career opportunities with challenging projects and professional development

Comprehensive Health Coverage

Prioritize your well-being with extensive health insurance and 100% social coverage

Employee Satisfaction

Enjoy strategic offsite budgets for work-life balance and rejuvenation

Rewarding Compensation

Benefit from competitive salary packages, performance reviews

Values That We Treasure

  • We ask questions even when no one is answering.
  • We answer questions no one is asking.
  • We learn even when there’s nothing to learn.
  • We set tough goals and large tasks, accomplishing them no matter what.
  • We are visionaries, a missionaries, and everything in between.
  • We deliver on execution and output.
  • We care for the greater good society.
  • We want to invest in the younger generation.
  • We are passionate because passionate people change the world.
  • We don’t care about the status.
  • We excel in chaos, and push the limits of business as usual.
  • We are not fond of rules or frameworks, because we are better than any rule or framework.
  • We avoid the easy problems and go straight to the difficult.
  • We dig deep to understand the root of every problem.
  • We find the secret insights no one else does.

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